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The Leader's Circle

2nd and 4th Tuesday each month

2-3pm (EST)


Ready to invest in yourself and your teams?  Move the mission forward in your church by joining the Leader's Circle.  


The Leader's Circle is a 3-month virtual cohort with Creative Church leaders who are striving to move their teams & cultures forward in their churches.  These groups meet twice a month for 3 months to learn from experienced Church Leaders with 20+ years of experience in all sizes of church, from mini-to-mega; from leadings teams of 5 people to 100+.  Work with our leaders to formulate an individual plan that will ensure success in YOUR ministry environment.


Training topics include: 

- Divorcing your talents from your identity

- Building a healthy culture without competing egos

- Helping those on your team gain an understanding for their giftings, and help them apply it

- and so much more!

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