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What Is Kingdom Calibrate?

Our calling is to help amazing worshipers become even more amazing leaders.  We do this by partnering alongside of Worship Leaders and churches to help passionate worshipers gain leadership skills so that their passions can move beyond music and into leading healthy teams of great spiritual depth with Jesus at the center.  

How do we do it? 

We do it through training, coaching and mentoring.  We offer virtual classes of all types to help you grow in your worship leading skills, technical skills, and leadership skills.  We also host seminars, in-person masterclasses, and conferences.  We can even bring our own Kingdom Calibrate worship team to your church to work with your team to help equip you for the future, maximizing what you already have and resourcing you for the future.  We will work with your singers, instrumentalists, worship leaders, and even your tech crew.

If you're ready to move the mission forward in your church with a vibrant worship culture, we are here to partner with you!


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