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What We Do

Our vision at Kingdom Calibrate isn't just to teach you worship skills, but to teach you leadership skills that will transform your worship culture and your teams.  While we do offer technical training and consultation on a per-church basis, what we feel is more important is to teach you leadership skills that we've learned over our years of ministry experience.  We have developed a method to teach you these skills that we call L.E.A.D.

Leadership Development

It's time for a new generation of leaders - leaders that understand that their identity isn't rooted in their talent, but in their posture.  We teach you how to eliminate your ego so that you can build others up and grow leaders from within your own team.  Jesus calls us to be shepherds and servants - it's time to take the calling seriously.


This is the stuff your school or seminary didn't teach you. Here, you will learn how to organize and maintain a ministry model that scales as your ministry grows, all while keeping a healthy pulse on the culture of your team.  We will teach you how to manage those difficult personalities within your team, how to mentor and spiritually develop your volunteers, and show you what a team-based model of worship can do to transform your church.

Activate & Mobilize

This is how to put your plan into motion at your church and within your ministry.  Learn how to gauge success, how to vision-cast for your ministry so that everyone is on the same page, and how to stick to that vision with a focus on the health of the individuals within your ministry.


This is where your ministry turns from unhealthy to healthy.  Here you will learn to cultivate spiritual formation on your team, how to identify your core leaders, learn the art of collaboration, and build a model of healthy accountability.  Welcome to the modern worship ministry.

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